How to create your own Melon Playground mod-A Complete Guide

by, Tuesday, 31 October 2023 (1 month ago)
How to create your own Melon Playground mod-A Complete Guide

Melon Playground is a wacky sandbox physics game that gives players the tools to construct imaginative contraptions and machines. One of the best aspects of Melon Playground is the active modding community, with players creating all kinds of zany custom content. This guide will walk you through the steps to make your own mods for Melon Playground.

Getting Started with the Mod Kit

The first step is to download the Melon Playground Mod Kit. This contains all the assets and documentation you need to start modding.

– Go to the #modding channel on the official Melon Playground Discord
– Download the latest version of the Mod Kit
– Extract the ModKit .zip file to a working folder on your computer

Inside the Mod Kit you’ll find:

Documentation – Details on using the mod tools and scripting API
Example Mods – Simple mods to reference for structure
Templates – Baseline assets and configs to build from
Scripts – The mod loading code and helper scripts

Reviewing the documentation and examples is highly recommended before jumping into creating your own mod.

Planning Your Mod

Before starting development, think about what you want your mod to achieve. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

– Add new interactive parts like ropes, springs, pulleys, etc
– Import custom 3D models to use as constructions
– Create destructible objects like breakable glass
– Design custom environments and landscapes
– Build gameplay scenarios, challenges or minigames
– Craft cutscenes and cinematics
– Develop new gameplay mechanics and behaviors
– Reskin existing parts and objects

Consider how complex you want your mod to be and scope accordingly. It’s better to start small, especially for your first mod.

Creating Custom Assets

Most mods will require making some custom art assets. Here are programs you can use:

Textures: Paint.NET, GIMP, Photoshop
3D Models: Blender, Maya, 3DS Max
Sounds: Audacity, Pro Tools, Garageband

For 3D models, use the template .blend files in the Mod Kit to match the visual style. Try keeping poly counts low for better performance. You can also edit existing part prefabs if you just want to reskin parts.

Be sure to follow the asset guidelines and structuring conventions detailed in the documentation. This will ensure your custom content integrates smoothly.

Setting Up the Mod Structure

Your mod needs the proper folder structure to be packaged correctly. At minimum, you’ll need:

manifest.json– Stores mod info like name, author, version
parts – Folder containing any custom part assets
scripts – Optional folder for custom C# scripts

You can also add folders for materials, textures, prefabs, etc. Refer to the example mods for proper structuring.

Programming Behaviors and Mechanics

This is where you’ll add the logic and behaviors to bring your mod vision to life. The Mod Kit provides extensive documentation on using the Melon Playground API.

Some things you can do:

– Attach scripts to game objects and parts
– Trigger events on collisions, joints breaking, user input, etc.
– Spawn parts programmatically
– Create UI like health bars, timers, scoring
– Load scenes and switch levels
– Animate parts and build cutscenes

Review the example scripts to see how to hook into the game engine. Start small and iterate quickly for the best results.

Testing and Debugging

Thoroughly test your mod as you build it out. The Mod Kit contains tools to help:

– Hot reloading of mods for quick iteration
– In-game logging and console
– Stats and performance monitors
– Debug drawing for visualizing bounds, joints, etc.

Fix any bugs or issues before releasing your mod publicly. Consider adding variability and randomness to improve replayability.

Publishing and Sharing

Once your mod is complete, package it up using the instructions in the documentation. Then share it with the community!

– Upload to Melon Playground mod sites like ModDB
– Post in the #mods channel on the Melon Playground Discord
– Make video trailers or tutorials to showcase your mod

Seeing your creations come to life and hearing feedback from other players is one of the most rewarding parts of modding. Just remember to credit any assets you didn’t create yourself.

Expanding Your Skills

As you gain more modding experience, you can try tackling larger projects:

– Team up with other modders
– Create expansions and content packs
– Add Steam Workshop support
– Port to other games like Garry’s Mod
– Use your skills to get hired by a game studio

Modding is a great way to build up your programming portfolio and give back to the community.

So get out there, unleash your creativity, and start modding! Bringing your own unique vision to Melon Playground leads to endless possibilities.


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