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APK and IPA files are the app package formats used on Android and iOS platforms respectively. Sometimes you may need to convert an APK to IPA, like for testing an app across operating systems or distributing an app built for Android on the Apple App Store.

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Luckily, while not straightforward, it is possible to convert an APK file to IPA format using tools on either a Windows PC or Mac. This guide will walk through the entire process in depth from start to finish. Follow along to learn exactly how to change an APK to IPA yourself.

Overview of APK and IPA Files

To understand converting between APK and IPA, let’s first briefly recap what these file types are:

  • APK – Android Application Package. This is the package file format used for installing apps on Android devices. APK files contain the app code, resources, assets, certificates, manifest file, etc.
  • IPA – iOS App Store Package. This is the app archive format used for iOS apps on iPhones and iPads. IPA files contain the app executable along with metadata and resources.

While apps built natively for each operating system won’t smoothly run directly between Android and iOS, the ability to convert the package files themselves still has useful applications which we’ll cover next.

Why Convert APK to IPA?

There are a few potential reasons you may want to convert an APK file to IPA format:

  • Test app on iOS – Developers can test how an app may work across platforms.
  • Expand distribution – Publishers can distribute Android apps on Apple’s App Store.
  • Research competing apps – Analyze aspects of an Android app before building for iOS.
  • Learn different OS – Dissect and understand each platform’s package process.
  • Share apps – Easily share apps with friends or colleagues across device types.

Overall the API to IPA conversion process enables transferring mobile software across the iOS and Android ecosystems for a variety of practical purposes.

Requirements for Converting APK to IPA

Before diving into the steps, you’ll want to make sure you have the following:

  • The APK file you want to convert
  • A Windows PC or Mac for conversion
  • An app conversion tool or SDK (covered next)
  • Apple Developer account for final IPA signing

The main requirements are the APK file itself and a tool or software development kit installed that can convert between app file formats.

You’ll also need access to an Apple Developer account later to properly sign the final IPA for use on iOS devices. We’ll revisit signing details further on.

APK to IPA Conversion Tools

There are a few options available for tools that can convert from APK to IPA format:

A popular online converter offering a free tier

Intel Multi-OS Engine

Free SDK focusing on Android to iOS conversion

APK to IPA Converter

Basic drag-and-drop conversion utility for Windows and Mac


Advanced but popular mobile app manager for developers

For this guide, we’ll provide steps using one of the most straightforward and accessible options, APK to IPA Converter, available on both Windows and Mac. But feel free to experiment with any of these tools.

Now let’s get into actually converting a sample APK!

How to Convert APK to IPA on Windows PC

Here is an in-depth walkthrough for converting an APK file to IPA using APK to IPA Converter on a Windows PC:

Step 1: Download APK to IPA Converter

Go to and download APK to IPA Converter for Windows.

Step 2: Install APK to IPA Converter

Once downloaded, run the setup executable and follow prompts to install the converter on your Windows machine.

Step 3: Add APK File

Open APK to IPA Converter. Drag and drop your APK file onto the interface or click “Add APK” and browse to select the APK file.

Step 4: Configure Settings

In the interface you can configure options like enabling debug mode or setting a default device for the converted IPA. Adjust as needed.

Step 5: Convert APK to IPA

When ready, click “Convert” to initiate the APK to IPA conversion process. This may take a few minutes to complete depending on size.

Step 6: Sign IPA

Once converted, you’ll be prompted to sign the IPA file with your Apple developer credentials. Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 7: Save IPA File

After signing, save the IPA file to your Windows machine. The conversion is now complete!

You now have a signed IPA converted from the original APK file, ready for use on iOS devices.

Converting APK to IPA on Mac

Here are the steps to convert an APK file to IPA format on Mac OS:

Step 1: Download Software for Mac

Go to and download the APK to IPA Converter Mac version.

Step 2: Install Converter App

Open the downloaded DMG file and move the APK to IPA Converter app to your Applications folder to install.

Step 3: Add APK File

Launch APK to IPA Converter. Drag and drop your APK file or use File > Add APK to select the file.

Step 4: Configure Options

Adjust any options if desired, like enabling debug or selecting device type.

Step 5: Convert APK to IPA

Click “Convert” to begin the process of converting the APK file to IPA format.

Step 6: Sign IPA

After conversion completes, sign the IPA file by entering your registered Apple Developer credentials when prompted.

Step 7: Save Converted IPA

Once signed, save the IPA file to your Mac. You now have the converted IPA file ready for use!

That covers the complete workflow for converting an APK into an IPA on Mac as well.

Using a Converted IPA File

Once you have a signed IPA converted from an APK, here are some things you can do with it:

  • Install and run on an iPhone or iPad directly for testing.
  • Submit to the Apple App Store for distribution to iOS users.
  • Analyze internals contents by unzipping IPA with extractor tool.
  • Share IPA file directly with other developers for review.
  • Load the IPA onto an iOS emulator like to use on desktop.

Having the app in IPA format opens up more flexibility across platforms. Just be mindful limits converting between OSes can introduce.

Troubleshooting APK to IPA Conversion Issues

Here are some common issues and fixes when converting APK files to IPA format:

  • Won’t install on iOS – Ensure the IPA was signed with valid Apple developer credentials.
  • Crashes on launch – Try enabling debug mode during conversion to catch issues.
  • Missing features – Not all app features may work cross-platform.
  • Conversion failures – Verify a supported conversion tool is used.
  • App timeouts – App code may need optimization after conversion.
  • Invalid IPA file – Repair conversion tool install or re-convert APK from scratch.

While not always smooth, following these troubleshooting tips should help resolve most problems encountered during the APK to IPA conversion process.

FAQs About Converting APK to IPA

Here are answers to some common questions about converting APK to IPA files:

Can I convert IPA to APK?

Yes, the process works both ways, but may require different tools. Some SDKs like Intel Multi-OS Engine convert in both directions.

Is APK to IPA conversion safe?

Converting apps and installing on other OSes carries inherent security risks. Only convert APKs from trusted sources.

Do I need to code to convert APK to IPA?

No coding is needed. Conversion tools handle the process. But developers may want to tweak code after to optimize.

What happens if I don’t sign IPA?

The IPA must be properly signed with Apple credentials or it cannot be installed on iOS devices.

Do all apps convert smoothly from APK to IPA?

Not guaranteed. Complex apps with OS-dependent code may not function correctly after conversion. Native apps on each platform recommended.

Key Takeaways for Converting APK to IPA

  • Use online converters or conversion kits like Intel Multi-OS or APK to IPA Converter.
  • Conversion tools handle most of the process automatically behind the scenes.
  • Be sure to use valid Apple Developer credentials to sign the IPA after conversion.
  • Converted IPAs allow running Android apps on iOS for testing or distribution.
  • Optimization may be needed for apps to function smoothly when cross-platform converting.

Converting APK to IPA format opens up opportunities to run apps across Android and iOS for testing, research or distribution. With the right tools, the conversion process is straightforward for most apps.

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